The World Light Laser can Pave the Way for Radiation Under X-Rays

A scientist at work in the Extreme Light Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.The world’s brightest laser — which is so powerful that it can produce light pulses that are 1 billion times brighter than the surface of the sun — can “transform” visible light into X-rays, making the shape and color of objects appear different, new research shows.

These X-rays could be much less harmful than current computed tomography (CT) machines and provide much-higher-resolution images, the researchers said.

In the new study, published online June 26 in the journal Nature Photonics, a team from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln led by physicist Donald Umstadter described an experiment they had conducted using their superpowerful Diocles laser, named after an ancient Greek mathematician. [The 18 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics]

When directed onto a beam of electrons, the photons of the laser beam started scattering in a completely different way than when illuminated by weaker light, the researchers found.

“Normally, as you turn up the light brightness with the room light dimmer switch, everything in the room looks the same as

Magic Robot, This Robot is Inspired by Vine Can Grow According to Desired Requests

Robots that mimic ivy vines can grow thousands of times their original lengths at speeds faster than the average person can run, a new study finds.

The new soft, flexible robots could one day be used in tight situations, such as to slither through rubble or snake inside the human body, the scientists said.

Previously, scientists have designed robots that copy the way animals and other organisms move, ranging from jointed legs and flapping wings to slithering bodies and undulating tails. [The 6 Strangest Robots Ever Created]

Besides locomotion — the ability to move from one place to another — cells and organisms can navigate their environments through growth. For example, neurons branch outward to incorporate themselves into limbs, and roots grow downward into the soil to absorb water and nutrients.

Study lead author Elliot Hawkes, a roboticist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, was inspired to develop a robot that growsafter “watching an English ivy plant, over the course of months, grow around the corner of my bookshelf seeking the sunlight and thinking that in a certain, very slow way, it was going

LEGO Best Robot for Kids

Toys that teach kids to code are as hot in 2017 as Cabbage Patch Kids were in 1983, and for good reason. For today’s generation of children, learning how to program is even more important than studying a second language. Though there are many robot kits on the market that are designed for this purpose, Lego Boost is the best tech-learning tool we’ve seen for kids. Priced at a very reasonable $159, Boost provides the pieces to build five different robots, along with an entertaining app that turns learning into a game that even preliterate children can master.

Boost comes with a whopping 847 different Lego bricks, along with one motor (which also serves as a dial control on some projects), one light/IR sensor and the Move Hub, a large white and gray brick with two built-in motors that serves as the central processing unit for the robot. The Hub connects to your tablet via Bluetooth, to receive your programming code, and to the other two

Three Things Musicians Should Look for in a Band Website Builder

Even the most talented and creative musicians often have trouble attracting the attention they deserve. This is especially true in the contemporary environment, where potential fans have so many options competing for their attention.

In many cases, successfully getting the word out about a band starts with building an attractive website. That single property can serve as a home base online, allowing visitors who arrive from any other destination to learn about a band and keep up with its latest songs, shows, and activities. Finding and making good use of a well-designed band website builder is typically all it takes to get started.

A Simple, Straightforward Way to Build a Band’s Website from the Ground Up

While most are creative people, relatively few musicians have the skills needed to design and code websites without help. Fortunately, there are now powerful tools available that make it easy even for those with no background in the field to put together something compelling and professional. Some of the most important features to look for include:

  • Band-oriented templates. Just about every website builder today will allow users to get a head start by beginning with professionally designed templates. Builder tools that aim to serve bands and individual

What are the Benefits of Managed IT Services

There are many benefits to outsourcing various IT tasks, mainly because it can take full advantage of the talent, creativity, and skills of their IT team. In addition, by integrating business strategies with the possibilities of information technology, companies will accelerate the creation of value in strategy, planning, operations and the business itself. Finding the right it services for each business – now that’s a difficult thing to perfect.


Here are some things companies can achieve through managed IT services.

  • Reduction of transaction costs – Outsourcing some IT services saves money by limiting IT costs. In other words, companies only pay for what they need.
  • Allows for a preventative approach instead of “extinguishing fires.” The best-managed service providers proactively provide solutions to address potential security, reliability, capacity, and performance issues.
  • Quick access to qualified IT professionals. Outsourcing technical support provides access to competent IT resources across all specialties at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees.
  • Predictable investments. Since the price of the services is stipulated in the contract, the firm that uses the managed services pays a fixed lump sum in exchange for a host of services.
  • Optimum reaction time. The constant monitoring of the infrastructure and the remote management system allow

The Technology Associated with Mobile Virtual Network Operators

A cellular network is an impressive setup that uses a series of strategically placed towers to provide access to mobile devices over the air. Building a network of this nature isn’t easy, as towers must be positioned so they offer the most reliable connection, which can be tricky in areas that have geographical features that limit the strength of the tower signal. These challenges and the expense associated with them are why more companies are choosing to rent an already established network and provide service under their brand.


For a phone to access the signal of a cellular network, it must be authenticated. Every phone has a unique number that is used to identify the device, and a company is responsible for updating authentication records that allow a phone to be recognized by a network. Once the phone is registered the provider can send a ping or signal to the device that will start the activation process and pair the phone to the network.

Accurate Billing

The most significant challenges of operating a virtual cellular network are associated with collecting information for accurate billing. An MVNO B/OSS application assists with this process by tying a company’s customer records to the usage data

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Reasons Why You Should Take Time In Reading Technology News

When it comes to reading news whether through the newspaper or through online pages, there’s no doubt that you’d look for the ones which either showcases entertaining things or even things about Hollywood and celebrities. Your entertainment and interest regarding the topic is one of the defining factors of whether you’ll go read a news or not, which is why it is only to be expected that you would not look for Google Tech News or even Aklamtech contents. If you believe that you’re this type of person as well, there’s plenty of reasons for you to start giving attention to tech news.

Reading news may seem like a trivial thing to do but it takes one of your most valuable asset and that is time. With this in mind, it is easy to tell that you need to put more thoughts in choosing the kinds of articles or writings you would read and if you are thinking about it right now, it would be better to squeeze in reading technology news on your list. There are several reasons why reading Technews is important today, whether it be

Signs a Business Needs to Hire an IT Company

Making sure employees have the right tools to work with should be a priority for a business owner. Failing to embrace the power of technology can lead to a business losing their competitive edge. Being successful in the technologically advanced world of today will require a business to have a fast and secure computer network.

One of the biggest drawbacks that come with increasing the technology a business uses is the repair issues that can arise. Working with managed information technology support professionals is a great way to get problems handled in a hurry. Here are some of the signs a business owner may notice when it is time to hire an IT professional to help them out.

Slow Running Networks Can Create Issues With Productivity

Keeping employees productive is something that a business owner will have to take seriously. If the computer network a business has in place is slow and constantly crashing, it will be impossible for employees to get their work done in a timely manner. The longer a business owner waits to get these network issues addressed, the more money they will inevitably lose.

Hiring an IT professional to assess and fix the problems with a computer network is

Reviewing Managed IT Services For Startup Companies

In Texas, startup companies require IT services to conduct everyday business. Unfortunately, these budding companies don’t have the funding they require. For this reason, the owner must assess opportunities to acquire services at minimal costs. A consultant provides the business owners with Strategic IT planning opportunities to step up the new company and its services.

Off-Site IT Staff

A consultant connects the startup owner to an offsite IT staff. The staff performs all services required by the company. This includes the primary employees such as a network administrator and a data administrator. The company owner pays a flat-rate fee for each service they need. The fees are applied each month according to the company’s requirements. This option allows them to control costs more effectively.

Team Acquisitions as Needed

The company owner acquires teams for special projects. The owner submits their request by identifying the exact skills they need for each team member. As they start the plan for the project, the owner sets up milestones for the project as well as when each deliverable is needed. The team that the consultant provides must meet the challenges of each project by securing the best temporary staff.

Web Design and Hosting Services

A web

Exploring The Benefits Of Digital Telephony Systems For Businesses

In Texas, digital telephony systems are better suited for businesses. The systems eliminate the shortcomings of analog business phones. The analog services restrict the company to a certain number of phone lines. The digital system doesn’t. A local vendor can provide information about the benefits of digital Business telephone systems.

Ease of Mobility

The designs are easy to move and won’t restrict the business to one location. At any time that the company wants to relocate, the system is transferred with the company. It takes less time to set up and connect the system in new location. All connections go through the company network. The services stop potential delays in customer service that could affect business profits. Additionally, the setup time is minimal and all equipment goes with the company.

Versatility of Special Features

The voicemail features allow for transfers to more than one worker at a time. All service calls that come in are transferred to specific staff members. However, if the staff doesn’t answer in a timely manner a voicemail is left behind. By transferring the calls to multiple workers, it is more likely that the call is answered or returned quickly. The forwarding feature is easy and is just

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Things To Look At When Looking For A Drone Parts Online Workshop

Different departs are developing to the better ways due to the use of the modern technology It is possible to have different business operating on different webpages on the internet. It is enough strategy to prove that persons operating their business on the online pages are enjoying the amazing advantages. It is possible that you are missing the credible benefits of running your store online if you are not yet in to online business. It is possible to have the multiple drone parts inline when trying to look for one store. Therefore, it needs you to be careful before you can make a deal with any online stores runners at all cost. Below are the factors to consider when looking for drone parts online stores.

Initially, you need to look at the existence of the company. It is advisable you make sure you can visit the stores to see the available drone parts before you can order. Visiting the drone arts online store can make sure you can erase any doubts with the company when you need to buy several of their products. It is a way to ensure

Lasers Provide Superior Capabilities for Intricate Cutting

A laser cutting machine is perfect for cutting holes, intricate designs, and precise patterns out of thinner materials. Paper, wood, plastics, thin metals, glass, and even fabric can be cut with a laser machine. In addition to large industrial laser cutters, smaller models like a desk top version are also available.

Clean Cuts

The laser also cuts clean. That means no burnt or ragged edges and very little waste. Designs are scanned or selected from software and programmed into the machine for accuracy. Speed and power settings are also used to control the beam.

A low power setting, for example, allows users to create exquisite wedding and party invitations in great detail without burning the edges of the paper. A higher setting and speed will successfully cut through wood and glass without burning or breaking the material. Fabrics can be cut without being frayed or pulled out of shape.

Getting Started

For first time laser cutter users, such as hobbyists and those who enjoy crafts, reading manufacturer instructions and recommendations is critical to understand the capabilities of the machine. It is wise to practice on scrap pieces of different materials to discover how to adjust settings for desired results. Experiment with

How to Find the Best Supplier of Cheap Mac Computers

When the time comes to buy a new computer, a person will need to take their time to find the right fit for their needs. There are so many different computers on the market, which is why doing some research is essential. If a person rushes through this process, it will usually lead to them getting the wrong computer.

An essential part of getting quality cheap mac computers is finding the best supplier. A buyer will have to weigh all of their options before using a particular computer supplier. Here are just some of the things a person will need to consider before selecting a laptop supplier.

The Quality of the Electronics They Have

When trying to choose the best laptop supplier, a person will have to consider the quality of the electronics they carry. The last thing a person wants is to invest hard earned money into a laptop that will not last. If at all possible, a buyer should go in and get a firsthand look at the laptops a company has.

Finding a company who sells both new and used laptops is a good idea. The used laptops will usually be less expensive and just as functional as the new

Learning The “Secrets” of Electronics

Buying Refurbished Electronics

If you decide to acquire used products, it is cost effective since you will spend fewer resources than when buying brand new electronics from the stores that look to maximize their gains. The devices are usually at the highest price since the company will be looking to make profits due to the hype. Therefore, one can consider shopping a refurbished gadget and enjoy low prices in the process.

The phrase refurbished should not bother you as you head for a shopping activity, there are fair chances for you to get an item that serves your purpose right. It is common for some consumers to returns products if the gadgets do not meet the right standards of packaging. For example, if one does not enjoy the packaging or when the item has a default, they will not hesitate giving it back to the manufacturer for a refund or an alternative product. The manufacturer will the make an effort and repair the broken electronics and resell them again.

If you are lucky enough, you can get a quality product that does not have even a single scratch and if you get an old one, do not

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Having Access to Intelligent Security

If you are to be in search of safekeeping then you will have to make indisputable that you have observed for a pertinent place that you can be capable to have the obligatory safety subsequently you will require having one that is going to be keeping you harmless. Hence the need to make sure that you have the relevant security like trapwire security where you can be able to have the required protection that you may be seeking hence the need to make sure that you have a know how the company works in order to have the required security.

If you come to think of it Trap security do give their customers the topmost notch safety from the appliances that can be able to help in the keeping of the place that you will be remaining secure for instance they can have the protection cameras fitted for the surveillance issue also they can install alarms. In case there is someone who happens to get to a place and they do not have the code to the place then they will trip the alarm causing the company security members to

How I Became An Expert on Homes

The Advantages of Using a Real Estate Website

With the introduction of the web, people had admittance to information. Dealers may approach customers directly, and the middleman was omitted. This denotes that the necessity for the actual real estate broker was compromised. It felt like that there would not be a need for these. Then the web became a game changer once again.

The enterprising brokers started to produce an online business. They began to market their particular skill sets and the basis why they were still important in a digital era. Most of all, they stressed on the fact that they were now employed in the same manner as all others in the world. No longer will the concept of a real estate agent indicate something less honorable.

As a result, a real estate website today can be quite useful and highly useful to the client. It has anything you could need to locate that dream house. With maps incorporated into the real estate website, discovering a certain piece of home becomes easy. Not only are you able to discover the plot, but you will also discover out anything you could need to know about your neighborhood area, besides

Why No One Talks About Salons Anymore

Essence Of Salons To Humanity

To have a beautiful hair is to be beautiful. Everybody, may it be a boy or a girl, would want to look attractive with their hair. Getting the right treatment and service available in the salons for your hair will improve its beauty. Choosing the best Hair salon for you is difficult at times but the following tips might help you decide. You might want to consider your friends suggestions about what they think is the best salon as per their experience. Women with great looking hair can also be the right person to ask about choosing the best salon according to experts.

You can ask them where they got their hair done. Some Hair stylist advices that you may also ask other people who possibly have the same hair type and hair structure as you in choosing the beast salon. They can possibly help you decide which salon to go to. Hair Salons with pretty exterior and interior design as well as great ambience is usually the best salon to go to for your hair needs. Some salons that

If You Read One Article About Labs, Read This One

How To Ensure That You Get a Good Laboratory For Laboratory Testing

To get a good lab like Lifebrite Laboratories for your lab tests , be it single test for specific ailments or thorough and complete medical analysis,, you need to be sure that you get a good lab and especially if you are out to access the best of services available in the market like the ones you would access at Lifebrite Laboratories which you are sure they will meet your lab tests need and give you reliable lab results, you need to first of all consider the budget you have set aside to work with so that you can negotiate for lower prices so that the costs charged fit in your budget and also you need to also establish the capacity of the lab you have selected to work with so that you can be sure that the equipment and the professionalism required to deliver your expectation is evident in the lab before you can settle for any deal.

There Is Need For You To Consider Your Budget As You Look For A Good Laboratory For Your Laboratory Testing Like Lifebrite Laboratories.

It is very advisable

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Advantages Of Pinback Buttons For Marketing

A pinback button is a badge or a button that can be fastened on to a surface of a garment with the help of a safety pin and they are often temporary. The self-locking pin or stick on the pinback button is generally found at the back of the button and this permits the front are of the pinback button to show a printed message or a picture. Pinback buttons have been in presence since the mid seventeenth century and they were utilized as a part of the initiation function of previous president George Washington and the gathering trademark was imprinted on the button.

Pinback buttons are known to have a number of benefits that are associated with its use and at the same time they are deemed as the perfect tool for marketing and are often used by a number of companies for their marketing needs. Pinback buttons are accepted to movement quick as news and this is regularly made conceivable by the way that when an individual wears a pinback button on their clothing they can be effectively taken note. This makes awareness of

Using Drones for Picture Taking

Drones can reach angles and produce moving shots a traditional handheld camera cannot. Filmmakers use drones to capture scenes that move over terrain and photography teachers are starting to use drones in classes to teach students how to take otherwise difficult to impossible shots. Drones have also become a popular way to take selfies, especially in situations where a selfie stick or a smartphone would prove dangerous. The Best drones for taking selfies are small enough to fit in a pocket, can produce a quality image, and are easy to fly.


Selfie drones range in price from the budget friendly to a sizable investment. Some of the selfie drones on the market have limited flying time and others are better suited for high definition pictures and videos. Selfie drones on the lower end of the price range may not have an accompanying smartphone app for remote control capabilities. Most of the drones in the mid to higher end of the price tiers do have remote control capabilities. Consider the drone’s flight time, camera capabilities, size, ease of use, battery life and replacement costs, and flight stability.

Using a Selfie Drone

When you first use a selfie drone to take pictures

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The Uses of Streaming In a Business

Recently, majority of the corporations have become accustomed to streaming so as to create and develop a deeper connection with online customers.The nature of a business helps determine the different ways a business owner can use live streaming to better it.To be able to get the attention of very many people at the same time, it is easier to utilize social media services as it is possible to connect to a number of customers at a go.Online customers are intrigued by a company or service provider that is able to give them a view of the structure of their business and how they run their daily operations.Once you are able to create a sense of belonging to them, you will be amazed by how your customers will rapidly increase in number.The pointers outlined below will help you identify how you can fully utilize streaming in developing your business.

You will be able to incur fewer expenses with the utilization of streaming as the only top tech devices needed to facilitate the task are minimal.The costs of paying a filming crew and all the other expenses that would accompany a traditional

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Managed IT Service Provider:The Power Of Knowledge Against Hackers

Data thieves and hackers are causing a lot of problems to internet users these days. They can gain access to your mails through your IP address and send viruses and worms that would corrupt your system. The knowledge on how the company can defend their data could deter any future attacks. Since they are aware the danger hackers pose; a risk of losing millions of dollars that could damage the company’s reputation and economical structure, it is important to have the knowledge and of course action.

There are some indispensable tools that could determine how serious or severe the real-time threats in the network of the company are. All of these reports will be passed to those responsible individuals like those masters degree in information security graduates who will take action. We know the importance of security cameras on company premises and on how they can help the security of the company. Intrusion detection systems work the same way, and the only difference is that they keep watch on the network of the company.

There are many services that are offered as part of managed IT service provider and these

The Essentials of Security – 101

Important Tips when Selecting the Best Security Alarm Systems for Your Home

There are many changes in the word, and this has lead to the levels of insecurity going up. This is why it has become compulsory for a majority of people to install home security alarm system in their houses so that they can protect their loved ones. There are many types of safety systems which the home owners can install in their residential homes . It is important, therefore, understand the different types before you settle on the most suitable for your home installation. There are many options where one can choose from, and this makes the task overwhelming, this is why one has to research on the different types so that you can make an informed decision when buying the best security alarm system for example the Zion Security Alarms. By using some of the tips below, and Click on the research pages you will have an idea on the ideal security alarm system which would serve your home better.

Sometimes the homeowners can base their choice on the price tag, which can be okay as long as the security alarm system is going to